Due to our planet being in a Climate Emergency Walkden Medical Centre are trying to be more sustainable

In 2021 we earned the bronze award under the ‘Green Impact for Health’ scheme and are now working towards the silver award.

We committed to support the National Green Impact Agenda to reduce carbon emissions in line with the 2030 United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.

Sustainability has now become one of key initiatives and in this effort, we already ensure:

  • Reduced the use of paper by communicating via a paperless system where possible and stopped using a fax machine.
  • Radiators are turned down where possible
  • All staff are responsible for turning off lighting, electrical equipment which is all clearly labelled to act as a constant reminder.
  • All lights have been replaced with LED lighting.
  • We provide our staff with fairtrade coffee and plastic free Rainforest Alliance tea bags.
  • We use Eco friendly washing up liquid and avoid products that contain palm oil.
  • We discourage the use of single use plastic.
  • We recycle plastic, cardboard, toner cartridges, paper, food and batteries. Only confidential waste goes to the shredder.
  • Our New Patient registration packs have been reviewed and can now be completed on-line. However, should a paper registration be required this has now been condensed and is printed double sided.
  • The practice is reducing polypharmacy and over prescribing as well as switching inhalers to dry powder where appropriate.
  • Our health education and promotion messages are now delivered to patients via the waiting area screen to reduce the use of leaflets.
  • We promote a series of health and wellbeing campaigns each year covering topics for most seasonal and long-term health issues.
  • Reduce thermostat temperature on boiler by 2 degrees
  • Top up insulation in loft space to a depth of 270-300mm.

Our next aims are to continue the work we have started, as follows:

  • We are in the process of doing a travel survey in the hope of encouraging staff to walk, cycle and car share.
  • We are going to make the Green Impact a standing item on the agenda for meetings.
  • We will be asking about sustainability at interviews.
  • We will try to source all our food and drink responsibly and maintain our commitment to the use of Fair-trade products.
  • We also intend to encourage staff to have a meat free Tuesday’s and encourage healthy eating as well as sharing food days.
  • We are now asking our suppliers about their own environmental policies.
  • We are reviewing our office supplies and making many switches which include purchasing sustainable pencils and paper.
  • We aim to help the NHS reach their target of being Net Zero by 2045 and we hope as our patients you will help and encourage us.
  • Install new boiler optimisation controls to allow for weather compensation

Please feel free to ask us about our pledge and what you can do to help us.